"I swear on Emma Swan."

Bekah. 18. Once Upon A Time and Captain Swan mostly but I'll occasionally post other stuff too. Majoring in filmmaking at the New York Film Academy. Dabble in photography. But mainly, I'm a professional fangirl just like everyone else on this website. Cheers.

QUICK QUESTION. Does anyone have any ideas for a Once Upon A Time related tattoo? I really want to get one but I can’t think of one. I want something small and simple.. not too big and detailed. 

when killian switches modes from playful banter to serious romancing and his voice drops even lower that he basically whispers ‘will you go out with me again’ with so much uncertainty and hope in his voice like maybe she’ll say no what if she still doesn’t like me what if she steals my new jacket like doesn’t it give your heart a little squeeze because they’re so precious and new at this together and so perfect whispering about next time they’ll spend more time together later into the night in Emma’s own place without interruptions or ogling parents and alone together finally and it’s just so easy and precious and coffee is the new tacos im gonna go cry about it now bye

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The beauty of this show is the theme that hope and love always win in the end. Whether Hook tells Emma next week or the week after or three weeks after that, she’s going to find out and maybe she’s going to be angry that he lied or that he didn’t come to her sooner, but she’s not going to give up on him and she’s not going to let him give up on himself – just like he didn’t give up on her last season when she kept running away all the time.


I actually think I could watch a full hour of Killian and Emma kissing and I’d be happy and entertained

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Can we talk about how happy Emma must have been to find her parents waiting up for after the date?


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